Blowup is an interactive performance environment, designed for choreographed performances and public interaction.

The work consists of a large video projection in which video imagery of the performers/viewers is manipulated in real-time.
The performer/viewers' live video image is cut up, redistributed and distorted according to a number of algorithms that are responsive to their actions.
The software underpinning the work tracks the performers in real-time and is capable of detailed motion data acquisition.
This data is employed to manipulate the live imagery. Distinct parts of the body are treated independently by the software.
Data can be distributed over networks for telematically connected installations and web based artworks.

Interactive environment by Simon Biggs
Choreography by Sue Hawksley
Software by Josh Nimoy and Simon Biggs
The performers seen in the documentation are Said Dakash, Sue Hawksley, Freya Jeffs and Cat Casbon
Research and development for Blowup was supported by New Media Scotland's Alt-w fund and Dance Base, Edinburgh.
Produced by articulate animal, copyright 2008

Shown at:
2011 Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland
2008 DanceBase, Edinburgh
2008 Alt-W, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow

large scale documentary image

performance images

video documentation of Blowup exhibited at Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland, UK