Dark Matter

Screen recording of the right screen of Dark Matter. In the first minute or so the recording shows the installation running without an interactor present. This is how the work appears from a third person point of view, viewed from outside the interactive space. The next couple of minutes show the imagery as it is interacted with by one interactor. Note that the point of view remains fixed outside of the interactive space (third person) but that the interactor's affect upon the data in the imagery is very clear, with textual objects ricocheting off the interactor's body (not visible in the rendering of the imagery) and flowing around and colliding with the interactor and other text objects. The last minute or two shows the interactive space occupied by two interactors. Note that the point of view is now first person, the camera position co-located with the head location of one of the interactors and focused along a vector that ends at the location of the other interactor's head location. Thus both interactors coordinate the point of view and the resulting rendering of the data in the space. Towards the end of the recording the second interactor leaves the space, leaving one interactor within a third person point of view, prior to them leaving the space and it returning to its default state where the textual elements are invisible, unlit by the lights co-located with the interactors' heads (white light) and hands (red and blue lights).

Screen recording of Dark Matter.