Site specific and gallery based interactive digital video projection environment 30 x 20 x 8 metres
2 or 3 large scale video projections, black and white, multi-channel interactive sound
In collaboration with The Mary Ward Theatre Group and Arlette George (choreography), London, UK.

Produced by First Framework, London, UK 1996.
Exhibited on the facades of The New British Library, London, UK 1996.
Exhibited at The South London Gallery, London, UK February/March 1996.
Funded by the Arts Council of England.

Document exists in two versions.
As an outdoor site specific twin video projection (premiered at the New British Library, London)
and as a gallery based triple video projection installation.
The work uses two or three computers, an equal number of video projectors and remote visual sensing techniques for viewer interaction.
It is composed of a number of figures who are individually interactive with the audience and each other.

The title refers to the idea of documentation, a function of Libraries all over the world, and to the notion of non-linear life stories.
The language of the work was developed through a workshop process of three months working with the performers of the Mary Ward Theatre Group and the choreographer Arlette George.
Each performer brought to the work a minimalist physical interpretation of their own personal life story.
The audio was composed through a similar process, with all the sounds being produced by the performers using their own bodies.

Installation shots