The Visible Genome Project

Interactive digital video projection environment 10 x 4 x 4 metres
2 large scale video projections, two touch screens, colour, silent

A Little Pig production, London, UK 2001
Exhibited 2001 at Q Gallery, Derby, UK 2001
Commissioned by Q Arts, Derby, UK.

The Visible Genome Project is an interactive installation using two video touch screens and two high resolution video projections with two computers. On each touch screen is visible an array of the letters A, C, G and T, making up the base elements that compose DNA and the Human Genome. Each touch screen is interactive and when touched the DNA sequences and arrays are altered. This has a further effect on the two larger video projections which are composed of graphical representations of the DNA, just visible through being the faint faces of various people. The piece uses object oriented and behavioural programming techniques.

Installation shots