Digital video installation
2 monitors and 12 channel audio, colour, sound
audio by Hans Peter Kuhn

Produced London, UK 1988.
Exhibited Cartwright Hall, "Art and Computers", Bradford, UK 1989
Exhibited Collins Gallery, "Art and Computers", Glasgow, Scotland 1989
Exhibited "Machine Intelligence", Young Unknowns Gallery, London, UK 1989
Exhibited The Showroom, London, UK 1988
Exhibited Audio-Visual Experimental Festival, Arnhem, Holland 1988
Exhibited Museum Boymans van Beuningen, D.ARTS88, Rotterdam, Holland 1988
Exhibited Dominikaner Kirch, European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany 1988
Exhibited First International Symposium on Electronic Art, Utrecht, Holland 1988
Exhibited Cleveland Art Gallery, "Art and Computers", Middlesbrough, UK 1988



Golem was a two channel video installation where the two monitors were arranged like the pages of an open book. The imagery was derived from medieval illuminated books so the overall effect was of an electronically illuminated manuscript. The work took as its theme the ancient Jewish myth of the Golem, a human-like creature created to do the bidding of its creator, the genesis of the Frankenstein story. The work deals with the issues around contemporary technologies such as Genetics and Artificial Intelligence.