'Heteropticon' is an interactive artwork which employs an imaging technique developed during the CIRCLE research laboratory Scale. During the Scale project an algorithm was developed that allowed the real-time capture of live video data to be mapped onto stored motion capture data of participating dancers. The live video image of the dancers was cut-up, by the algorithm, into small rectangular image-maps which were subsequently mapped to a recorded three dimensional dataset of a dancer's movement. The live dancer would then dance before the projected motion capture data, like a dancer dances in front of a mirror during rehearsals, and could see themselves visually mapped onto the motion data of the recorded dancer. In Heteropticon the mapping involves both live video and live motion capture data. In the Scale project the point of view from which the imagery was rendered was static. Heteropticon employs a dynamic point of view so as to enhance the spatial perception of the layered imagery. In Heteropticon the viewpoint is defined by the interactors physical position in relation to the screen and other interactors. Heteropticon explores the subject as an iridescent object, shifting through its heterogeneous instances as it is deconstructed in a virtual space viewed from multiple shared, subjective, but detached, points of view - a folded place of collective drift.

Screen recording of Heteropticon, April 2018.

CC 2019 Simon Biggs

Screenshot, 2018.