Mnemo is an application for the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset, developed by Simon Biggs (artist) and Puzhi Yao (software engineer) at the Creative Computing Studio, University of South Australia. It was developed in Unity 3D using C# and uses speech recognition, speech to text, "gaze" recognition, ray-casting and networking to co-locate spoken texts with tangible objects in the environment around the wearer of the Hololens.
You can read about Mnemo here:
Imaginary Loci

You can download the development code here: Mnemo GitHub repository

Mnemo was premiered at the Transient Topographies symposium at the Moore Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway, in April 2018.
Mmemo will also be presented at the 2018 Electronic Literature Organization conference in Montreal in August 2018.

Headset recording of Mnemo, April 2018.

CC 2018 Simon Biggs

Stills from studio development, Cherryville, Australia, 2018.