An interactive digital video projection installation
1 interactive video projection, black and white, silent 8 x 12 x 6 metres

A Little Pig Production, Groningen, Holland 1992.
Commissioned by the Australian Film Commission.
Exhibited at Gallery Otso, Helsinki, Finland 1992.
Exhibited at The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 1992.
Exhibited at Eisfabrik, Hannover, Germany 1993.
Exhibited at The Living Room, Whitechapel, London, UK, 1995.

The piece is based on the texts of the late Roman philosopher Boethius, and deals with the fluid and ultimately impossible nature of identity. The work makes use of sensory deprivation and stroboscopic visual effects to immerse the viewer in a disorienting environment. The work uses remote visual sensing techniques to track the viewer. If the viewers' remain static then they see nothing, are left in total darkness, but as soon as they move large human shapes begin to follow them about the room. At first the shapes appear to be shadows, but then resolve into the faces of young children, observing the viewers actions.

Installation shots

Studio video documentation of Solitary, Truman's Brewery, London