Creative Computing Studio

The Creative Computing Studio (CCS) supports research and teaching in all disciplines in Art, Architecture and Design. The dedicated facility houses equipment for undertaking research and development in the areas of virtual and augmented reality and multi-modal interactive systems, including full-body motion tracking, gesture recognition, voice recognition, facial recognition and natural language processing. This allows the development of projects employing experimental approaches to human computer interaction. The CCS supports the conceptual and technical development of novel ICT systems and applications in interactive creative arts, augmented performance environments, architectural simulation, collaborative research, multi-person remote communication and online pedagogy.

Researchers collaborating at the Creative Computing Studio include internal and external faculty and Higher Degree researchers:

The CCS is part of the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments: IVE

The CCS multi-instrumented facility includes Optitrack motion capture systems, 3D projection and HD LED display technologies, Microsoft Kinect sensors, Oculus Rift head-mounted displays, Gigapan Epic Pro high resolution 3D imaging systems, speech to text technologies and a variety of sensors. Development is undertaken with a variety of software systems, including the VRUI VR toolkit. Operating systems employed include Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

last updated February 29, 2016