Forthcoming publication of book chapter:

Reading Big Data as a Heterogeneous Subject, in Big Data (ed. Natasha Lushetich), London: Routledge.
Forthcoming publication of Spectra 2018 conference proceedings in Leonardo Journal:
Selected Spectra 2018 conference proceedings published in Leonardo Journal Edited by Simon Biggs and Vicki Sowry, Cambridge (Mass): MIT Press.
October 31-November 1
Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools annual conference, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Conference presentation of paper on whether we can measure the intrinsic value of the creative arts in higher education research.
October 10-12
MOCO'19: 6th International Conference on Movement and Computing, Tempe, Arizona, USA
Live dance performance of machine-learning based interactive installation Double Agent: an augmented performance environment including full body motion tracking.
Opening August 29-October 6
POESIS: Language Art, Kunst Tempel, Kassel, Germany
Inclusion of the work Dark Matter in an exhibition of language-based artworks by 60 international artists.
June 2019
Publication of article in NITRO:
Can we measure the intrinsic value of the creative arts for research assessment. NITRO 21, June 2019, Melbourne, Australia
June 2019
Publication of article in Leonardo Journal:
Exiting the Comfort Zone: From Algorithm to Interaction in the Early Work of Simon Biggs. Leonardo Journal Volume 53 Issue 3, MIT Journals. Cambridge: Mass
May 2019
Publication of cover image in Writing from Below:
Image from the work 'Manifolds' is featured on the front cover of Australian creative writing journal Writing from Below.
Writing from Below"
March 12-June 9
Web-Retro: commemorating the 30th anniversary of World Wide Web, BUK-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
An exhibition which includes historical web-based art projects Great Wall of China and Babel, available on the artist's website.
February 2019
Publication of monograph 'Digital Uncanny' by Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli on Simon Biggs, Bill Viola and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Book publication: Ravetto-Biagioli, Kriss. Digital Uncanny. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
January 4-7
Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art, City University, Hong Kong.
Presentation of paper 'Dancer in the Machine', co-authored with Mark McDonnell, Samya Bagchi and Sue Hawksley, addressing the question of collaborative creativity in human-computer assemblages.

October 10-12
Spectra. Museum of Discovery, Adelaide, Australia.

Conference chair of an event on art and science collaborations across disciplines, organised by the Australian Network for Art and Technology.
October 5-6
Author.Net: Distributed Authorship conference, University of California Los Angeles, USA.
Keynote presentation at a conference discussing distributed authorship across disciplines.
August 13-17
Electronic Literature Organization conference and festival 2018, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Montreal, Canada.
Presentation of paper, and demonstration of prototype Hololens application 'Mnemo', engaging augmented reality as memory theatre. Mnemo employs speech to text and context aware gaze recognition to allow multiple wearers of Hololens units to collaboratively annotate their shared environment.
July 8-13
Panpapanpalya Dance Congress, Adelaide, Australia
As part of the selected program for the 2nd Joint Congress of Dance and the Child International and the 2018 World Dance Alliance Global Education and Training Network conference the interactive installation Double Agent will be presented as a dance performance and associated seminar. The work incorporates machine learning, three dimensional full body interactivity and live performance and will be performed in situ at the Museum of Discovery as part of the conference program.
May 10-October 2018
Double Agent, Museum of Discovery, Adelaide, Australia
Premiere of a new interactive installation incorporating advanced machine learning of human movement and featuring live dance performance at the opening of Adelaide's new Museum of Discovery.
May 7-8
Is Big Data a New Medium, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.
Presentation of invited keynote paper on big data, iridescence and heteroptics.
April 20-21
Transient Topographies, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland.
Presentation of paper, and demonstration of prototype Hololens application, engaging augmented reality as memory theatre, at a conference on virtual and emerging spatial and topographical models.
April 14
Double Agent preview, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
An opportunity to see a preview of new installation Double Agent as part of the Art Gallery of South Australia's evening NEO program for youth engagement with the arts.
March 26
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
Presentation on recent creative work and research.
February 16
Ways of Seeing: critical, digital, spatial. University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.
Panel chair for a conference on the digital humanities across disciplines.