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Upcoming and recent events:

December, 2021
Four Letter Word Project, Edinburgh, UK

Image from Autography, printed in publication Four Letter Word, edited by Gerry Smith, Edinburgh, UK
October 28-29, 2021
Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools annual conference, Melbourne, Australia
Distinguished Researcher Award.
August 2021
Spectra 2018 symposium publication
Publication of the paper abstracts from the 2018 Spectra Symposium, held in Adelaide, Australia, edited and with an introduction by Simon Biggs, Vicki Sowry and Ash Tower, in Leonardo journal Volume 54, Issue 4.
March 4-31, 2021
Post-Human Electronic Literature, University of Bergen, Norway
An exhibition, including the work Autography, presented as part of the European Society for Literature, Sciences and the Arts conference and associated with the Electronic Literature Organization 2021 conference.
December 2020
Publication of book chapter:
Reading Big Data as a Heterogeneous Subject, in Big Data (ed. Natasha Lushetich), London: Routledge.
July 22-July 24, 2020
Besides the Screen, ISMAI, Porto, Portugal
An exhibition which includes the work Double Agent.