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last updated July 23, 2024

Added recent exhibition details.

Some projects on this website require recent versions of JAVA and/or Adobe's Shockwave to be installed.

Some Java applications work on some browsers and not on others - you may need to experiment.

To view and interact with Shockwave files you will either need to:
1. use a legacy computer and operating system (MacOS pre-2018 and Windows PC pre-2021) with Shockwave plugin installed and enabled, or
2. Download and install the Sheepshaver emulator with either MacOS 9.0.4 or Windows 98 and then install a legacy web browser (Netscape Navigator recommended) and legacy Shockwave plugin. A bit of a hassle, but once you have this running you can access all sorts of early web content (eg: Flash, Shockwave, VRML, etc) that is no longer accessible with contemporary browsers and Operating Systems.

NB: we are working on a method for presenting emulated interactive Shockwave files, within their original operating system environments, embedded within contemporary (your) web browsers. Hopefully these files will become available sooner rather than later.

Upcoming and recent publications, exhibitions and events:

Exhibition of Correlates:
Future of Reality, ACM SIGGRAPH, from July 31, 2024, at SIGGRAPH 2024, Denver, Colorado, USA and online

Biggs, Simon and Carvalho, Ana, All Watched Over by Our Data Double, Leonardo V57 N3, pp. 272 - 278.
Institutional repository open access version

Biggs, Simon, Hawksley, Sue and McDonnell, Mark, The Dancer in the Machine, Digital Culture and Society 8/2, Transcript