Dancer in the Machine
Agency and Interactivity
The instrinsic value of the creative arts
Authorship, machine-learning and the heterogeneous post-human (dancing) subject
Reading Big Data
Co-Reading as a Generative Ecology
Imaginary Loci
Big Data: the Panoptic Medium
Dark Matter
Exiting the Comfort Zone
A Language Apparatus
Crosstalk: Making People in Interactive Spaces
Public Image Unlimited
Creative Collaboration across Scotland
Hyperstitial Poetics
An Evolving Apparatus
Remediating the Social
Make or Break
Twitter Chip
Becoming Borg
Between Zero and One
Distributed authorship and creative communities
Authorship and agency in networked environments
Publish and Die
Second Life report
Three Decades
The "H" in HCI
New Media: the ‘First Word’ in Art?
Transculturation, transliteracy and generative poetics
Multimedia, multiculturalism and the avantgarde
Artists in research environments
Memory maps in interactive dance environments
Making material culture
Autopoiesis: novelty, meaning and value
Networks, Margins and Centres
Computing the Sublime
Multiple Perspectives/Readings
on Navigation and Interactivity
Art and/or New Media Art
Multimedia: CDROM and Net
Speaking With The Other
The Sentient Sign
Culture, Technology and Creativity
Media Art and its Virtual Futures
The Art of Computer Art
Video and New Technologies
Cybernetics in a Post-Structuralist Landscape
Technology and Distance
Machine Power

Simon Biggs