The Wall in Progress

The following works are realtime interactive pieces using synthetic grammar engines. You rarely need to click anywhere to be able to interact with the various elements. Simply moving the mouse is sufficient.

Please note that these works use Shockwave. To be able to view and interact with them you will need Netscape 2.0 or later as well as the appropriate Shockwave Plug-in. The prefered Fonts for these works are Futura Bold and Frutiger, 10 through 24 point. If you do not have these then the runtime typography could look a little strange. Running ATM will enhance type quality. If your monitor is not set to 8 bit (256 colour) mode please set it now to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

Word Machine IV (72k)

Word Machine III (32k)

Word Machine II (32k)

Word Machine I (8k)

Dialogue on the Wall II(37k)

Dialogue on the Wall I(24k)

Kafka on the Wall I (72k)

Chinese Whispers II (8k)

Chinese Whispers I (8k)